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A New Approach to Child Care in Sioux Falls

The Truks-N-Trykes 2 philosophy is to provide an environment of love and learning that extends the mental, physical, and social development of children. Learning through play and exploration is encouraged within the TNT2 approach to early childhood education

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“Our infant started at TNT2 at 12 weeks old and since she has been there, we have nothing but good things to say about the staff and facility. Every morning she is all smiles to see her favorite people and we are very pleased with the teachers that care for her. It is always difficult to leave your baby with a daycare provider but the staff at TNT2 does a great job and we are very confident and pleased with the care she receives!”
-Spencer and Traci Redmond 

“I love how the staff is genuinely concerned about the kids. I can’t be with my son 24/7 but I am glad that I have teachers who will take great care of him when I can’t. TNT2 has very compassionate, commendable staff who really enjoy what they do.”
-Chanelle Hurkes

“Being a parent and sending your little one to daycare can be a scary thing. I have never felt more welcomed as a parent to a daycare center and my daughter loves it at TNT2. The staff is REMARKABLE! Truks-N-Trykes 2 is a fantastic place. Knowing we had a safe place to send our daughter made our decision to add one more to our family even easier!
-Casey Kustak- Beckett’s Super Cool Dad

"Since coming to TNT@, our daughter has grown so much. She is always coming home singing a new song and talking about her friends. She really enjoys school and has a good time with her friends and is learning a lot along the way!"
-Nicole Hurt